How do I add AT into a program?

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Alexander Technique examines three components of self: physical, mental and emotional to form whole body and how you respond to your environment. Acknowledging how your whole body relates to objects and situations can change the preceding actions for the better. Individually any of the four may nurture or corrupt the body.

The Alexander Technique can be incorporated when addressing PTSD, anger management, social acclimation, pain, stress and repetitive motion.

Recognize stress and tension held within your body. Develop an understanding of personal triggers and learn reliable tools to aid in healing and health. Alexander Technique can promote long and short-term well-being.

Group classes can be arranged to meet the needs of your particular situation. Care givers, veterans, repetitive motion employees, chronic pain- these groups can benefit integrating Alexander Technique into their lives. Consistent group classes will aid in long term well-being.

Contact Molly to discuss how adding group classes can improve work place environment, care and comfort.