Morning Wake Up

Lay on a somewhat hard and flat surface. A comfortable surface. Stretch out so your arms and legs are all in opposite directions. Now that your limbs are apart from your body, don’t work to stretch, and let yourself rest on the ground.

Listen to your breath without trying to change your breath. (lifelong study)

Notice what you keep thinking about. Acknowledge when you are thinking about what you have to do later today or something that happened earlier. Bring your attention back to what you are feeling physically, right now.

Beginning with the edges- fingers or toes on one side- move your one chosen body part in gentle circles, just a few – then in the other direction. Let this circular motion travel across your body. For example: if you chose your right fingers, next make circles with the palm of your right hand- one direction then the other. Keep on the same side- continue these circles with your lower arm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, upper ribs of the right side, spine, now cross to the other side- left pelvis, hip socket, femur, knee, lower leg, ankle, heal, middle of the foot and finally toes. Now begin with the other hand or foot, circling the other parts.

You might notice that I named some bones and some joints- feel the difference between how you circle a bone and how you circle a joint. This is an experimental investigation- so feel movement and identify different sensations, rather then trying to fulfill a routine.

Feel your body moving in relation to itself and enjoy the movement.

Next, move in any way that feels good.

Rest. You decide how long.

Slowly come to standing.

Notice your breath without trying to change the current rhythm.

Walk and take these new sensations with you as go about your day.